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We are two girls with a passion for travel and a knack for getting really good deals.We wanted to
share our love of travel with a wider audience.. So we started rahaaa...a boutique holiday & honeymoom planning service
We do it all,from booking that flight to getting you a 5 star hotel for a bargain.Here we share some of those experiences

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We are two girls  with a passion for travel and a knack for getting really good deals.We wanted to share our love of travel with a wider audience. So we started rahaaa...a boutique holiday & honeymoom planning service

We do it all,from booking that flight to getting you a 5 star hotel for a bargain.Here we share some of those experiences.....

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Back to work !!!

Posted by AT on September 11, 2013 at 4:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Hello readers,:)

We are back from our super amaaaaazing summer break in Europe.Refreshed and ready to bring you some really good deals.

In the following days we will be posting some of our photos from our trip.

We went to Paris (my first love),Berlin (this is one place you need to go,so much history),Oslo,Prague (a gem of a destination especially if you like movies coz a lot of James Bond movies and others have been shot in this beautiful city,Barcelona (my second love) and Zurich ( we will tell you about our high street tour,)

All in all we had an incredible experience.

Please dont forget to check out our sales website here for all your bookings.


the travelmania team

New Destination:Venice !!!

Posted by AT on May 20, 2013 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

So summer is coming up and we @ TRAVELMANIA have started planning our summer vacay,yayyy :):):),gosh my list is sooooo long,i dont think im going to get through any of these places,im terribly over ambitious when it comes to holiday planning,and then when it comes to getting things done,the ambition sorta fizzles,because i love 'me time',nothing beats just waking up in a foreign city with no deadlines to think about.

So this year im planning an laid back holiday in Italy & Monaco ,we plan on redoing some cities and going to new ones.Now i just need to stick to the plan.

So while going through the countless hotels and air fares i decided why not prepare a nice package for our amaaazing readers,so this June you can plan a nice getaway for you and your BFF or loved one and go and live it up in Venice.

Think cruising on a canal,accordions on the street and lazy sunny summer days in this beautiful Meditteranean city na shopping kama kawaida,(this is to all my readers who drop me an email with queries on shopping getaways)

*drum roll*

Our offer to you

Return airline ticket DAR-VENICE

Airport Pick-up


2 day city tour

Gondola Cruise

FROM USD 1,850pp ;);) drop us an email [email protected] to book.

and the snapshots:

Summer in Barcelona @ MELIA :)

Posted by AT on May 10, 2013 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Ask any of my friends for my number 2 destination and they will finish the sentence for you,Barcelona,after PARIS,I LOVE BARCELONA such a beautiful rustic city,its warm and sunny in the summer just like here so you can enjoy a proper summer holiday in this Catalan capital.And for all you shopping lovers,forget Dubai,jamani Barcelona ni crazyyyy shopping,this is the home or ZARA,MANGO,BERSHKA,all your favourite spanish brands are scattered across the city like candy shops to a child.So kama wewe una 'zaramania',Barcelona is your stop,plus the prices seemed to be lower than other countries,

We returned to Barcelona recently and stayed at the amaaaazing ME by Melia Hotel.You probably already know that im a luxury glutton by now,I love nice hotels with nice linen,sparkly bathrooms and concierge.This place did all that for me and more.Plus one of BARCELONA' S BIGGEST SHOPPING MALLS iko right opposite it,so you literally can shop till you drop....

So we are running a BARCELONA PROMO FOR SUMMER,you can stay where we stayed for 4 nights + bfast+ tours+ flights,for just USD2000 per person,all inclusive.

To book drop us an email at [email protected]

Amaaazing...guess where ?

Posted by AT on May 9, 2013 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Honeymoon List for Paris

Posted by AT on May 3, 2013 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Did we mention we love honeymoons and annivessaries,well we do,very much so infact.These are special moments loved ones get to spend together and be thankful for the blessings they have,each other.

Plus we love our honeymooners and annivessarians who jet off to Paris to share their special day.So we wrote a list of what to get up to in the City of Love.If you are planning a trip to this beautiful city,please do write these out somewhere


Here are some romantic things you should or could do together in Paris

  1. Become a Parisian couple and sit in a café with a glass of wine, some bread and pate and watch Paris goes by. Rain or shine it's fascinating.
  2. Walk along the Seine on the Left Bank from Pont Alexander to Ile St. Louis hand in hand.
  3. Get on the boat and take the Canal St. Martin cruise that goes from near Museé d'Orsay to Parc de la Villette
  4. Attend a ballet performance at Paris Opera Palais Garnier and stare at the Chagall ceiling. You can also visit the opera without attending any performance.
  5. Sit in the Tuilleries with your feets up, holding hands and chat about your days to come and give your partner a passionate kiss regardless what age you are.
  6. Spend hours and hours in the Louvre just relishing in all that wonderful art! If you only plan one time visit I suggest you make a research to what is it you want to see, what are your preferences. In my opinion you can spend days there and you will still feel like you miss out something. 
  7. It is must-to-do to take the boat ride down the Seine on a warm evening.
  8. Sit in the park behind Notre Dame while lunching on a fresh baguette sandwich, an eclair chocolat and an Orangina.
  9. Take a seat in a chair at Jardin du Luxembourg and watch the children push the sail boats around the pond planning for your own.
  10. Spend a cloudy afternoon in the Museé d'Orsay
  11. Go to the Rue Mouffetard Market when it's in full swing.
  12. Visit the tippy-top of the Samaritaine department store. Enjoy the 360° view.
  13. Have a Sunday brunch in Le Marais in 4th district of Paris.
  14. Put on comfortable pair of shoes and walk around the city. Surely you will discover something for yourselves only.
  15. Spend an afternoon at the Musee Carnavalet, dreaming of being an aristocrat in the France of Louis XV and living in one of the exquisite rooms.
  16. Taste a different flavour of an ice cream at Bertillon each day spent in Paris.
  17. Lay in the grass of the Champs du Mars with your shoes and socks off reading a book and drinking local wine (or juice,lol) out of the bottle. And if you stay long enough you can watch the sun go down and the Eiffel Tower light up, gradually.
  18. Go to Sacre Coeur late afternoon on a Sunday and watch the sunset over Paris.
  19. After all day activity of sightseeing, get a fresh baguette “traditional”, cheese and wine to go with it, find yourselves nice spot or return back to your apartment/hotel and enjoy the harmony of those three together.
  20. Something to do during winter time is to go ice-skating in front of the Hotel de Ville.
  21. How about dancing in Paris "en plein aire" along the Seine. How much more romantic can it  get? In summer it is pretty much official now - there are areas for tango, salsa, swing right by the river near the Institute du Monde Arabe near the Latin Quarter. The dancing can go all night long on nice summer evenings.
  22. Spend a part of your evening with a bottle of wine on the Pont Des Arts with, it seems, everyone else in Paris. Some people spread out a regular picnic and others just stand and watch the lights and boats, some play music,...

bisouu bisou <3

the rahaaa team

Our new commercial site:Yipeeee

Posted by AT on April 23, 2013 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Dear Readers,

Thank you sooo much for your patience

And we present to you our new website

Here you can see all our packages,and even make your booking,very quickly and easily.

For the month of April,we are running a promo and giving our clients a 2% discount on our packages,kindly quote the following code

The blog will still run though,so do remember to come back here,we are also looking at doing more features and posting more travel pics here,so do check daily.

Thank you for your support.


the rahaaa team

Spend your summer in Paris

Posted by AT on April 18, 2013 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (1)

i am sorry for the lack of posts,super busy and excited about our upcoming website,we are soon going to launch a separate website where you can simply search our deals,fill out your dates and place a booking and voila,your on your way to a vacation.We love simplicity,this new site will allow us to give our clients,a selection of our best deals as well as making it more DIY.Soon we will provide the link here once its all set-up,just a few minor glitches to clear up.Enough tech talk for now.Lets get you planning for your next vacay.....

The European Summer is just around the corner,and you definetly want to be in Europe in the summer.Its the best time.The weather is warm,the skies are blue and the days are long and full of things to do and what better places to do them than in Paris.Shop on Champs Elysees,the most beautiful street in the world,eat macaroons @ Laduree,have a picnic on the Seine River,visit the home of CL :):):)

So please diarise a week off on your calendar,drop us an email and let us plan your bestest ever getaway to the city of fashion & love.

  • 2 day PARIS PASS ,giving you access to all the key landmarks,museums,galleries,metro bus and lots of freebies :)
  • Seine River Cruise
  • Eiffel Tower Visit
  • Illuminations Tour

All this for USD 2150

you deserve it;)

drop an email

[email protected] and we will call you.

Sorry but Stay Tuned

Posted by AT on March 5, 2013 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi Guys,

First and foremost,we would like to apologize for lack of posts recently,I know nothing is as dissapointing as coming to a blog and finding nothing new.But we promise we will make up for it,freebies coming soon.

Well the reason behind the silence lately is that we are working on something new.These last 6 months have been good and we want to do things better so watch this space for something fresh and new.In the meantime though im preparing something for all you amazing people out there who want to take a few days off and savour life during your easter break.

612 hrs/yr

Posted by AT on February 20, 2013 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (0)

..........You spend 612 hrs/yr checking out other people’s travel pics on Facebook, wouldn’t you rather go  & take your own.........


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